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East End Engineering

East End Engineering

East End Engineering

East End Engineering

East End Engineering

East End Engineering

East End Engineering

East End Engineering Products

Track Renovator  

Track Conditioner (Track Harrows/Renovators)

East End Engineering has over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of custom built Track Conditioners for the Harness , Greyhound and Thoroughbred Racing Industries.  Our Machines are used on most Harness Racing Tracks within Australia and many within New Zealand.... There are also many Private Trainers both in Australia and New Zealand who use them.
Our Track Conditioner (Renovator) can be easily used between races to completely eradicate all hoof and cow track marks and prepare a superb cushioned, even racing surface.
Some of the design and operational features of our machine include:
- adjustable and accurate depth control by simple hydraulic rams and spacers
- special tungsten-hardened points for long life
- simplicity of operation
- suitable for use with low horsepower tractors (45 HP minimum)
-our exclusive suspension system which has eradicated all movement and vibration from the machine and enables the unit to literally float around the track at any speed and still produce a
beautifully maintained depth controlled cushion.


Whether you are a trainer on a small or large scale or connected with a Harness Racing Track/Club, we can supply you with a Track Conditioner to meet your specific needs.

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Aerator - Attachments for Track Conditioners

East End Engineering manufacture an Aerator for use behind our Track Conditioners or for any purpose that may require a custom built aerator.  They provide that perfect finish to your conditioned track surface by fluffing the material.  This mixes air and moisture together to give a very cushioned tractable surface.
If you require an aerator for any purpose, call us today to discuss your individual needs.

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Towable Grader  

Large Towable Graders

East End Engineering manufacture their own design of Towable Graders.  These Graders have been designed for use on racetracks for distributing cushion material and keeping the profile of the racing surface in order.  They come with a 12' blade width and can be fitted with serrated  blades for cushion distribution.
It is a very simple machine to use and is operated by the driver of the tractor from the cabin via a simple 4 button electrical box.
The grader is fitted with float control on the blade as well as conventional control of up and down.
This makes our Towable Graders suitable for other uses such as light grading works of areas such as car parks, driveways and maintenance around the Tracks and Venues.
One of the main features of our Towable Graders is the fact that it is a one-man operation which requires only the tractor to be hooked on and taken off when finished.
They are very robustly built and have only the best quality steel and hydraulics fitted.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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3 Point Linkage Conditioner  

3 Point Linkage Conditioner (Harrow)

East End Engineering manufacture these simple and easy to use Conditioners as an alternative to our larger Track Conditioner.  They come with an easy 3 Point Linkage Adaptor fitted for ease of attaching/unattaching to your tractor.  
 Many Greyhound Racing Tracks use this equipment, as well as smaller Private Training Tracks for all race codes. Contact us today for further information or discussions.

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3 Point Linkage Grader  

3 Point Linkage Grader

East End Engineering manufacture and service all types of Linkage Graders.  They come with an easy 3 Point Linkage Adaptor fitted for ease of attaching/unattaching to your tractor.
 If you require a specific type of grader we can design and manufacture a machine to suit your specific needs, alternatively we can service, maintain or repair your existing machinery.

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Water Trucks  

Water Truck Systems

East End Engineering manufacture and service water truck systems for the Harness Racing Industry and have many years of experience with this type of equipment. If you require a water truck system for any purpose contact us today to discuss your specific needs and we will be able to help you.

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Truck Modifications  

Truck Modifications

East End Engineering have many years of experience in modifying trucks for all types of industries. We are specialists in manufacturing and fitting Truck Cab Frames for the Car Carrier Industry as well as all types of Chassis Extensions. Whether you need a small or large truck modification we can assist you.

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Horse Floats  

Horse Floats (**SUPERIOR FLOATS**)

East End Engineering also trade as SUPERIOR FLOATS and manufacture their own Floats (Trailers) or Horse Truck Bodies, specifically to individual requirements. We also specialize in repairs to all types of horse floats. If you need a custom built horse float or renovations to an existing float we can help you with your requirements.

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